Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Terminal Zone

Brief summary of current activities:

Weekend out with our Brooklyn instrumental friends Thurn & Taxis in these locations:

     Friday 10/17 in Albany, NY at Low Beat
     Saturday 10/18 in Ithaca, NY at Just Be Cause (matinee)
     Sunday 10/19 in Plattsburgh, NY at ROTA Gallery

Thanks to everyone who helped pull these shows together.

The four new songs we recorded in our former practice space (August 2014) will see imminent release as a 7" on the mighty Nerve Altar. Artwork and mastering are currently underway. Thank you Aaron.

Interview with Andrew Hernandez II Twin Lords/ Tombs for Ithaca Underground posted. Thank you Andrew.

And as we still have copies of the first and third LPs available, here is a kind review from Shane in a recent issue of Decibel.
This bass and drum instrumental duo, the former rhythm section of Anodyne (which has been extinguished for almost a decade... Jesus), are a spastic, time-signature-sodomizing, M.C. Escher painting of a band. Over the course of six tracks, they grind, groove, and warp rhythms into something that's intimidating and endlessly fascinating. Buy this and whatever else they'll sell you.
Thank you Shane.

And thanks to you for reading.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New LP Available

Covers and vinyl for Falling to Death Through Time and Space are completed and currently in-hand at the RBB Sweat & Blister Factory. These fine specimens, as pictured above, are available for mailorder, which is handled via the bandcamp account, or by emailing us directly. Diseased Audio in Chicago, and mysterious Canadians Mass Deadening will have copies presently, should you like to consolidate your order with other outstanding offerings. A digital version, priced at a very tempting 'pay what you will,' is also available at bandcamp.

We continue to have copies of the first LP, which can be ordered (or downloaded for free) in the same manner as the new one. We also have for download only (at the moment) the lost second LP Mythologies. We believe it will see a proper vinyl release at some point prior to the heat death of the universe.

Our string of dates with Triac went very well, and we extend thanks to everyone who helped organize that, put us up, and attended the shows. More of these trips will be planned and noted on this page.

Details not confirmed, but new songs and recording are underway. More to follow as events cohere. We thank you for your interest.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

New LP and Triac Shows

Covers and vinyl for Falling to Death Through Time and Space are at their respective factories. We will have the completed units by the time we leave for our shows with Triac, which are as follows:

Come out and say hello, we don't do this nearly as often as we should. Records will be available for mailorder when we return, should you like one. Thanks to everyone who helped set up these shows, and all the bands for agreeing to play.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sooner Rather Than Later

Our next show is this Friday, these are the details:

April 11th

The Great Sabatini
Mother Brain

The Acheron
57 Waterbury Street, Brooklyn
8PM // $8 // 21+

Our third record, Falling to Death Through Time and Space is at the plant now. We will have copies in time for our short run of dates with Baltimore's TRIAC. Those dates are as follows:

Thursday, 6/5 Pittsburgh, PA Rochester, NY
Friday, 6/6 Lima, OH
Saturday, 6/7 Chicago, IL with Sea of Shit, Sick/Tired, and Bottomed
Sunday, 6/8 Cleveland, OH (tentative)
Monday, 6/9 Philadelphia, PA

We'll update with further information as it trickles in. For now, our second record, Mythologies, is available for download, and we still have copies of the first as an LP or download.

Thanks for the support.