Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New LP Available

Covers and vinyl for Falling to Death Through Time and Space are completed and currently in-hand at the RBB Sweat & Blister Factory. These fine specimens, as pictured above, are available for mailorder, which is handled via the bandcamp account, or by emailing us directly. Diseased Audio in Chicago, and mysterious Canadians Mass Deadening will have copies presently, should you like to consolidate your order with other outstanding offerings. A digital version, priced at a very tempting 'pay what you will,' is also available at bandcamp.

We continue to have copies of the first LP, which can be ordered (or downloaded for free) in the same manner as the new one. We also have for download only (at the moment) the lost second LP Mythologies. We believe it will see a proper vinyl release at some point prior to the heat death of the universe.

Our string of dates with Triac went very well, and we extend thanks to everyone who helped organize that, put us up, and attended the shows. More of these trips will be planned and noted on this page.

Details not confirmed, but new songs and recording are underway. More to follow as events cohere. We thank you for your interest.

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